How to Increase Water Heater Energy Efficiency

Posted by on Jun 13, 2014 in Water Heater Repair Syracuse NY

Not too many of our clients at Water Heater Repair Syracuse NY do not wish to be as energy efficient as possible with all their house costs, including their water heating expense. So, we chose to assemble a list of things that will help property owners do just that.Water Heater Repair Syracuse NY estimates that 14-25 percent of a house’s energy use is from heating water, and it likewise comprises part of the electric bill too. The following ideas will help make best use of ones water heater’s efficiency.

  • Depending upon the amount and frequency of the requirement for hot water, a tankless water heater could be a good financial investment come time to have a water heater replacement. They are more expensive than standard storage tank water heaters, but over the life time of the unit can be more cost effective. Not to mention the potential energy savings of running the tankless water heater.
  • If the temperature of the heater is set above 120 degrees, decreasing it can conserve some energy usage too.
  • If one is fortunate enough to be building a brand-new home or doing a remodel, attempt to position the water heater as close the area of the house that will certainly use the most hot water. Water heat lost while traveling through the pipes will certainly be decreased.
  • A solar water heater might be an excellent financial investment too, and not as dependent upon the location of the country one resides in as many people would believe. Heck, one can even make one with the amount of details online, however as plumbers ourselves, we would enjoy to aid.
  • Insulate, insulate and insulate even more. All exposed pipes, not just the hot water ones, should be wrapped in insulation. One can consider making use of a water heater jacket or blanket in the cold weather period to help keep the heat inside the storage tank. New tank water heaters are made well with a nice insulation value, but every bit will certainly assist.
  • This could be tough to do (at least I know it would be in my house with a number of women) however take much shorter showers.
  • When replacing a water heater, see to it it is the correct size for the amount of water that will be used typically. Many times we see that house owners have too large of a water heater, which increases the amount of energy needed to heat up the water … and water that will certainly not be used.

Syracuse water heaters are relatively maintenance free however a yearly assessment and some small maintenance will help prolong its life span and conserve money with it running at maximum performance. Give us a call to schedule a yearly check.